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Translational Medicine
and Bio-innovation

Faculty of Medicine

Help accelerate the translation of medical discoveries from lab to clinic

Translational medicine and bio-innovation are enabling UBC to cut the delivery time for life-saving medical innovations in half.

For anyone confronting a debilitating illness, medical breakthroughs can’t happen fast enough. While it can take nearly 15 years to move new drug therapies from lab bench to bedside, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how quickly we could safely develop medical breakthroughs when equipped with a common goal, sufficient resources and a sense of urgency.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is applying these accelerated approaches to advance breakthroughs for other long-standing medical challenges, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

UBC and the Faculty of Medicine are ideally positioned to bring together our academic, industry and health system partners across disciplines to deliver new therapies to patients at speed. But we need your support to raise an initial $50 million to accelerate this vital vision for the next five years.

Join us in launching our ambitious vision for translational medicine and bio-innovation in BC. Together, we can create change in our health system to benefit all British Columbians.


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