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Supporting healthy living
after spinal cord injury

Faculty of Medicine

Today, you can help people with spinal cord injuries access crucial resources

People with spinal cord injuries (SCI) are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and secondary impairments than the general population due to the physical restrictions their condition places on their mobility. Exercising regularly with SCI is further complicated by lack of access to adapted equipment, knowledgeable support, and accessible facilities.

Keeping fit is important — no less so if you experience complete or partial paralysis due to spinal cord injury, illness, or disease.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine’s International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD) is an interdisciplinary research centre specializing in research and rehabilitation to enhance quality of life following a spinal cord injury.

At ICORD’s Physical Activity Research Centre (PARC), people with SCI are able to exercise and improve their physical and psychological well-being while helping to inform research into better rehabilitation strategies.

PARC is a fully accessible research gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Under the leadership of Dr. Andrea Bundon, UBC Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Principal Investigator at ICORD, PARC researchers seek the best strategies for providing spinal cord-injured people with opportunities to participate in physical activity.

Your donation today will help sustain dedicated space within the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre and ensure PARC guests continue to have access to the latest specialized, adaptive and accessible equipment. Your support is also critical to creating opportunities for UBC researchers who want to better understand the exercise needs of people with SCI and for UBC students seeking applied and practical experiences working with diverse community members.


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