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UBC Perinatal Anxiety
Research Lab

Faculty of Medicine

Your gift will help mothers and birthing people overcome fear and anxiety

Improving the mental health of pregnant and postpartum people.

Pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood are times of significant change and challenge. One in five pregnant and postpartum people experiences anxiety and related disorders, which are associated with significant distress and life impairment.

New knowledge and approaches are urgently needed to better support mothers and birthing people through the complex transition into parenthood. Promoting mental health and well-being during this time will also strengthen the physical health of new and expectant parents and their infants.

The UBC Perinatal Anxiety Research Lab (PARLab) in the Department of Family Practice is the only lab in Canada focusing on perinatal anxiety. Our goal is to improve the mental health of pregnant and postpartum people who are experiencing perinatal anxiety and related disorders. Our unique contribution is research in the areas of prevalence and screening, postpartum harm thoughts and their relationship with mental health and infant safety, and fear of childbirth.

Your donation today is critical to help sustain PARLab’s important research to:

  • identify the most accurate and reliable screening tool(s) for perinatal anxiety and related disorders
  • test the effectiveness of education about postpartum harm thoughts in preventing and reducing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder
  • improve the management of postpartum harm thoughts by maternity care providers,
  • support knowledge translation activities (e.g., infographics, videos, public talks) aimed at improving the mental health of pregnant and postpartum people
  • assess the effectiveness of universal screening for perinatal anxiety on mental health outcomes

The new knowledge, assessments and treatments developed by PARLab will help new and expectant parents overcome fear and anxiety, improve the health of infants, and bring wellness to new families everywhere.


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