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Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

Your gift is the gift of education

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of UBC alumni and other supporters, the Faculty of Education Bursary remains an important resource for Faculty of Education students.

The Bursary Fund was established by UBC to help students bridge the overwhelming gap between assessed need and available government funding. It’s an important initiative towards ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals through higher education, regardless of their economic backgrounds.

As one of the leading education faculties in the world, UBC’s programs are constantly evolving to improve teaching and learning. Technology and knowledge are changing by leaps and bounds, and providing students with relevant and effective skills means keeping up with the times.

UBC’s Faculty of Education is a world-renowned community of scholars, educators, staff, and students — all committed to improving teaching and learning through innovative and inquiry driven programs. From teaching children to read in Uganda to developing user-friendly databases for educational use, UBC is at the forefront of nearly every major discipline related to education.

Support for UBC’s Faculty of Education Bursary will ensure that more students have the opportunity to fulfill their professional and academic ambitions through quality programs that have served the international education community for more than 50 years.

The Faculty of Education Bursary Fund enriches the lives of students on an individual basis. Your financial gift to this important fund is, at its core, the gift of education.

Invest in tomorrow today. Make a donation towards the Faculty of Education Bursary Fund online or contact us to learn more about how you can support the University of British Columbia.


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