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Making a difference in
Indigenous teacher education

Faculty of Education

Make a difference in the lives of Indigenous children and youth throughout BC

NITEP began as an elementary teacher education program in September of 1974 in response to needs expressed by Indigenous people throughout BC for a more effective and relevant teacher education program.

Help to honour this amazing legacy by contributing to the UBC Alumni NITEP scholarship that has been endowed by the UBC Alumni Association to assist NITEP students and ensure their success for many decades to come.

Hands Back, Hands Forward – Making a Difference in Indigenous Teacher Education

There is a shortage of Indigenous teachers in BC, and an increasing number of Indigenous people desire to become teachers. NITEP was designed to meet these particular needs. The intention of the program is to build upon and strengthen the cultural heritage and identity of the professionals in training. Using these strengths as a base, students develop the skills and academic knowledge expected of beginning educators.

NITEP graduates are truly making a difference in the lives of Indigenous children and youth throughout BC. Tessa Antone, a first-year student from the Squamish Nation, is excited with the possibilities ahead.

“As an Indigenous female, it is important to me to be able to gain new knowledge of my culture which will then allow me to adapt these ways of learning into my teachings down the road,” said Tessa. “I am so grateful to be in this program and learn alongside these powerful Indigenous students.”

2020 marks the 46th Anniversary of NITEP, UBC’s Indigenous Teacher Education Program. Over the past four decades, over 370 students have graduated and gone on to work in all areas of education from classroom teachers in public, private and band schools, to elementary and high school administrators, as well as holding positions with the provincial government and numerous First Nations educational organizations.

Help support Indigenous Teacher Education in British Columbia by donating to the UBC Alumni NITEP scholarship.

1st NITEP Graduates. Photo Credit: Jim Banham


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