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Equine Therapy
Program for Veterans

Faculty of Education

Support veterans’ mental health through the Equine program

Your support will ensure that veterans and first responders can receive the support they need to reduce PTSD symptoms, regain confidence, and feel less isolated.

The Equine Program was developed in 2017 by UBC researchers in collaboration with an experienced horse trainer and an experienced psychologist to reduce PTSD symptoms and promote self-confidence and mental health well-being for veterans and first responders. The program focuses on teaching participants how to communicate with horses utilizing skill-based exercises and liberty work. Through this process, participants develop emotional self-awareness and regain a sense of control and the ability to self-regulate emotions.

The combination of unique factors offered by the program—human-horse interaction, calm healthy outdoor environment, focus on specific skill development, and the experience of social support—are key for helping participants regain their health.

The Equine program needs support from donors like you to continue providing PTSD therapy to veterans and first responders. Please make a gift today.

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  • That program not only helps us to learn to communicate with the horses and with ourselves, it also helps us to acknowledge our positive and negative feelings, emotion and energy.

    Kevin Program participant
  • For all my colleagues, friends and to those I don’t know living with the life changing effects of PTSD I would wish for them all the opportunity to feel the positive life skills, sense of calm and focus I have gained from Colleen and Jay’s program.

    Kathleen Program participant

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