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Enhancing care for women and
girls affected by violence:
The Capacity Research Unit

Faculty of Applied Science

Support innovative research projects focusing on building capacity in the most marginalized populations

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately one in three women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.

At the Capacity Research Unit at UBC we are developing cutting edge strategies to improve care for some of Canada’s most marginalized women and girls. Led by Dr. Vicky Bungay, and in collaboration with community organizations, other researchers and students, we conduct community-engaged research and create opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge with communities, the public, other researchers, and policymakers.

Our work is guided by the following key tenets:

  • Community-academic collaborations and partnerships with project stakeholder communities
  • Ethical engagement with team members, participants and the communities with whom we work
  • Trauma informed approaches to the development and implementation of innovative interventions
  • Training and mentoring of the next generation of researchers

You can help! Donate today to support the Capacity Research Unit researchers’ and students’ innovative research projects and community engagement activities focusing on building capacity in the most marginalized populations. Your support will enable us to make further steps toward improving the health and lives of Canadians.


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