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Gateway Health Building –
Integrated Student Health and Wellbeing Services & Programs

Campus Initiatives Vancouver

Your gift will help create a new facility and allow students to reach their full potential

Integrated Student Health and Wellbeing Services & Programs will be an integrated hub within a flagship new building: Gateway Health.

Students from around the world come to UBC to live, learn, and thrive. We believe that health and wellbeing is at the core of students reaching their full potential. When students are physically active, emotionally and mentally strong, socially connected, and have the resilience to ably face challenges, they thrive.

Wellbeing—the health of the whole person—is a key commitment of UBC. The university has long had health resources and services to meet the diverse needs of our students. Although we understand that health issues are almost always interconnected, students are currently faced with the daunting task of navigating the university’s services that are located in various buildings across campus.

UBC recognizes the need to take this burden off students and provide them with a centralized location on the Vancouver campus for all their health and wellbeing needs. To do this, UBC is creating Integrated Student Health and Wellbeing Services & Programs, an integrated hub within a flagship new building: the Gateway Health building.

Integrated Student Health and Wellbeing Services & Programs

The Gateway Health building will bring together all student health and wellbeing services and programs into an integrated model of care within a centralized space.

When students need help, there will be one convenient location to access a full range of services delivered by teams of health care students and professionals from different disciplines – from the Wellbeing Centre, to Counselling Services, to Student Health Services where students can seek medical attention.

Gateway Health will be located at one of the main entry points to campus. The location offers convenient access to nearly all UBC services that contribute to a robust and healthy student experience. Construction commenced in the spring of 2022, with completion by the fall of 2024.

We are seeking support from partners who understand the crucial importance of promoting health and wellbeing for our students. Your gift will help to create a stunning new facility, and will help students to live a balanced and healthy life so they can reach their full potential.

*Building images are design concepts only and may be subject to change.


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