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UBC Campus
as a Living Lab

Your donation will help UBC respond to global challenges, locally

The Campus as a Living Lab program uses the university campus as a ‘sandbox’ to explore new opportunities and test innovative ideas.

UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) provides a collaborative framework for faculty, staff, students and partners to address urgent global sustainability challenges.

Society is facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st century including a climate emergency, a global pandemic, and economic upheaval driven by new technologies. These complex, and often interconnected, challenges require urgent action at local, regional, and global scales.

UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab program (CLL) responds to such challenges by integrating academic research and teaching with campus planning, operations, and community development. Managed by the Sustainability Hub, CLL builds collaboration among people from different disciplines across the university, along with local, regional and global partners, and enables the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

CLL projects leverage the unique academic and operational capabilities of the university to explore new approaches to applied research, pilot new technologies, develop models for social change, and meet climate action and other strategic targets. It creates a pathway from idea to implementation, both at UBC and beyond. Through CLL, we increase UBC’s collective impact by scaling up projects, enhancing knowledge exchange, and catalyzing effective policy influence and action as an agent of change.

Your donation will help to ensure that the CLL can affect real change in real time. As part of UBC’s Sustainability Initiative, the CLL is poised to develop new and expanding programming to highlight UBC’s leadership with the ‘next generation’ of Living Lab projects.


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