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Support UBC Field School
because the world is our classroom

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Help UBC students shape the future of BC, Canada, and the world

Now, more than ever, we need to prepare students for a world of uncertainties. If we can equip them with the tools they need to succeed, we will help them build a better future for us all.

UBC Geology students will be at the forefront of the most critical issues we face, such as climate change, the effects of urbanization, mineral resources, natural hazards, and the ongoing geoscience education of society. Your help will ensure our students maintain their essential role in shaping how we live and steward the planet. Financial constraints should not prevent talented, dedicated students from getting the best education possible.

Support the Student Opportunities Fund for the Faculty of Science or Faculty of Applied Science and help ensure UBC students get the education they need. The future of our planet is truly in their hands.

“Field school is our first foray into the real world of geology.”

“We study rocks in the classroom, but Geology fundamentals need to be taught outdoors. Without field school, I would have missed out on experiencing geological mapping–the most fun activity, in my opinion! But, most importantly, I wouldn’t have had the chance to form life-long friendships with my peers.

“I think this legacy we inherit from the scientists who came before us will follow us through all of our careers, whether in academia or industry. Both our personal and professional lives will be shaped by how we use our research to benefit the planet’s future.”

Darius Kamal, Field School, 2016

Your gift to the Faculty of Science Field School Student Opportunities Fund or the Faculty of Applied Science Field School Student Opportunities Fund will give students like Darius “real-world” experience and a community of peers to last a lifetime.

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    Faculty of Applied Science Geological Field School Student Opportunities Fund

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