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Centennial Indigenous
Scholars Entrance Award

Indigenous Initiatives | Indigenous Initiatives

Help Indigenous students fulfil their UBC dreams

UBC is committed to ensuring that every student who has the academic and leadership qualifications to attend is not held back by financial barriers.

The UBC Centennial Indigenous Scholars Entrance Award assists Indigenous students who are transitioning to UBC from secondary school or another post-secondary institution and who would not be able to attend without significant financial assistance. New students can access both one-time and renewable awards.

In addition to the financial award, students will have access to resources and support that is tailored to their needs and recognizes their lived experiences.

The Centennial Indigenous Scholars Entrance Award is part of the highly successful Blue & Gold Campaign for Students that has raised over $160 million since 2017 and has changed the lives of thousands of students, thanks to generous donors.

Send your gift today and show your support for exceptional Indigenous students entering UBC in the 2021 Winter session and beyond.

Make a difference in their lives so they can make a difference in ours.


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