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Next Generation Battery
Research and Training Centre

School of Engineering

Building better batteries to power our world

Battery technology is truly at the dawn of a new era. After decades of limited advancement, we have a critical need to optimize and improve battery energy density, safety, and recyclability to power our future.

The UBC Okanagan Next Generation Battery Research and Training Centre will leverage existing expertise and resources at UBC in materials, power/thermal management, battery integration and recycling to make a substantial impact on the clean energy transition within British Columbia and well beyond.

In so doing, the Centre will unlock the full potential of Canadian partners and universities in the battery supply chain, elevating British Columbia on the global stage as a key player in the effort to power a sustainable energy future.

A key component of the new centre will be a 5,000-square-foot space specifically designed and dedicated to industrial training activities, encouraging new learning and collaboration opportunities for employees of industry partners and UBCO’s research trainees.

Give today and help UBCO lead the way to a more sustainable battery economy.


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