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UBC Okanagan
Graduate Scholarship

College of Graduate Studies

Help outstanding graduate students succeed at UBC Okanagan

UBC Okanagan Graduate Scholarship

Research is a fundamental activity of tier-one, research-focused universities like UBC, and graduate students are essential contributors to this enterprise. Graduate students are focused and highly-motivated scholars, and they represent a growing and immensely valued presence on the UBC Okanagan campus. 

They play an integral role in the life of the university through their research projects and their research and teaching support of our faculty members. Their diverse efforts benefit more than simply the university and its individual researchers; they impact us all. 

By expanding our campus’ roster of exceptional graduate students, we will help to develop innovative solutions to some of the complex problems our society faces. We will also broaden career and business opportunities for students in the Southern Interior, greatly enhancing our campus’ regional socio-economic impact. Supporting the UBC Okanagan Graduate Scholarship helps us to improve our world by assisting us in recruiting the finest graduate students, our future leaders of scholarship, industry, and society. 


FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, is advancing healthy lives, creating solutions for the planet, and shaping thriving societies. Donors and alumni are the catalyst making it happen.